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The exciting advancements in low-energy nuclear technology and zero-point energy are propelling us into a new era of abundant and sustainable energy. The commercialization of these groundbreaking technologies is already underway, with manufacturing dates prepared for commercialization.

At the heart of this energy revolution are companies that hold key patents for these innovative devices. By owning actionable patents, these companies are positioning themselves to deliver maximum profits to investors as the world transitions away from traditional electrical grids. This revolution represents a transformative shift, freeing humanity from governmental control and dependency on centralized currencies and energy sources.

Imagine a world where energy is nontoxic, available on-demand 24/7, and virtually limitless, all at a fraction of the cost of current energy sources. This market has the potential to reach a staggering trillion-dollar industry over the next decade, revolutionizing the way we meet our energy needs.

Companies involved in zero-point energy and low-energy nuclear technology are already taking significant steps to bring these technologies to the forefront. Land acquisitions are occurring globally as companies and countries secure their positions in this emerging market. The potential for widespread adoption is immense, and every American home, and indeed homes worldwide, could soon enjoy energy independence without relying on traditional energy grids.

This energy revolution is not a distant future vision but a reality unfolding before us. LAB-ready ZPE is already being prepared to power a range of devices, from homes to cars and water heaters. It is poised to transform how we generate heat, light our cities, and meet all our energy needs. The time to embrace this revolutionary technology is now.

While funding has been a limiting factor in realizing the full potential of these technologies, that is about to change. Companies involved in zero-point energy are announcing preparation for commercialization, and investment opportunities are arising. It is crucial to work with qualified advisors and professionals who specialize in this field to navigate the market and identify the most promising path to companies on the verge of licensing and launching their products.

The impact of this breakthrough technology extends beyond energy production. It will also revolutionize emerging technologies like 6G, the internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain interoperability, and robotics. These companies will rely on zero-point energy to power their exponential growth. With projections indicating a need for 3,000 terawatts of power annually by 2025, the potential market for zero-point energy is vast.

This historic innovation, known by various names such as zero-point energy and electron capture, holds the promise of a world free from the limitations of current energy sources. It has the potential to eliminate waste, inefficiency, and dependence on fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy, while valuable, will pale in comparison to the impact of zero-point energy. This transformative technology has been in development for three decades and is now ready to unleash its full potential.

In conclusion, the low-energy nuclear technology and zero-point energy revolution are already underway. The world is on the cusp of a paradigm shift in energy production and consumption. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for investment and the potential for significant returns.

It will unleash what the World Economic Forum hopefully finds as the answer for all energy needs. Continue…




​”Within this white shadow is a dimension we have yet to understand called Zero Point Energy (New Fire) that lights up a room with the warmth of confidence that bares no visible harm to life. (radiation) This forceless field brings in a new era of freedom no longer shackled by the fossil fuels of the past. We are at a critical joining point where man is on the precipice of change, gazing over the dawn of prosperity.”



With the recent rapid evolvement towards commercialization in the ZPE space, we find that the supplemental demand for alternative energy is accelerating. At this critical juncture, we are faced with an array of obstacles that we need to overcome to match the pace of exponential technology evolution pollution, ever-increasing prices of energy sources lack of transparency between electric custody suppliers and consumers.



Clean renewable energy with no hazardous radiation emitted


Negligible Co2 Footprint

Our Mission


Our goals are to enable and promote new energy technologies and synergy identification in the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field.

New technologies are forging ahead at an accelerating pace, and disruptive progress in the energy space will be world-changing, uniting scientific communities, economic revisions, and overcoming political stonewalling. The change in our lives will see the world in a different place where the monetization of energy no longer dictates the status quo. Energy will be a lesser bartering chip for a better life. Humanity will again be the driving force of bettering our lives, and money will be of little influence.

Our strategy is to bridge the gap between a lab demonstrator, industry prototype to commercialization by funding companies using New Fire Energy as a funding source. Many companies are on the verge of commercialization related to new and clean energy. Our ZPE investment strategy is dedicated to funding these companies to make it happen as soon as possible.

The Power of Zero Point Energy (ZPE)

WITHOUT any need for external power, Zero Point Energy fueled modules can run 24/7, exporting  kW’s of electric DC power modify up to MW. With some lab models needing as little as a 12V supply/battery to start then running  continuously from its own generated power or using other ZPE generated power products to supplement it’s ignition needs.

LENR Industry News & New Fire Energy Big Announcement

    All the latest and hottest LENR industry news by the wire, as the world craves an alternative source of clean, zero-carbon, and non-fossil fuel-based energy. See companies at the forefront of Nuclear Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear reaction technologies; these companies are accomplishing impressing feats once deemed impossible or projected in decades. Now, they are at the precipice and dawn of a new era in these impressive, accelerating scientific phenomena on brink of commercialization.
    In Q3,  as the race of companies endeavoring to come to market with first-ever LENR applications in homes and businesses, see one of our companies outperforming competitors at an astronomical rate with PROVEN LENR output at the ICC event attended by mass media, top Scientists, Nuclear Physicists, and the industry’s experts. The results were absolutely stunning including live filming of the heralded event.
  • No Direct CO2 Emissions 100% 100%
  • No Harmful Waste, Fuel or Hazardous Radiation Emitted 100% 100%
  • Negligible CO2 footprint [kg/kWh] from generator & fuel 100% 100%
  • Modular, Scalable from KW to MW 100% 100%
  • Grid and Off-grid, Stationary & Mobile 100% 100%


– Environmentally  & Domestic Eco-Friendly

– Heating your boiler for hot water eliminating massive energy bills

– Lighting our homes and providing all our cities electrical needs

– Cars (Electric) recharging every 30k miles and beyond

The United States Department of Energy jumping in on Zero Point Energy (ZPE)

The United States-Department of Energy has decided in this Amazing phenomenon to do a work shop Oct 20th to 22nd 20201 on ZPE.

NASA & Zero Point Energy (ZPE) - Research confirms Lattice Confinement Fusion!

A team of NASA researchers seeking a new energy source for deep-space exploration missions, recently revealed a method for triggering nuclear fusion in the space between the atoms of a metal solid.

Their research was published in two peer-reviewed papers in the top journal in the field,  Physical Review C, Volume 101 (April, 2020)

MIT research achieves major advance towards carbon-free fusion energy

“The challenges of making fusion happen are both technical and scientific,” says Dennis Whyte, director of MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, which is working with CFS to develop SPARC. But once the technology is proven, he says, “it’s an inexhaustible, carbon-free source of energy that you can deploy anywhere and at any time. It’s really a fundamentally new energy source.”

Google Published 2 Zero Point Energy (ZPE) Patents

While, research and solid/consistent findings in Zero Point Energy (ZPE) have leapfrogged within the last 2 years garnering immediate attention by the likes of The U.S Navy, NASA, U.S Dept. of Energy, MIT, etc., Google had sponsored a researched for 4 years in conjunction with UBC, University of Maryland, MIT and LBL thus having published 2 patents leaving forth window for further future collaboration and engagement.

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