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New Fire is not in some hypothetical future. It’s going commercial, and announcements of manufacturing dates are already set.

Today, New Fire Energy will show you what’s inside this New Fire Energy. A technology that is so revolutionary it’s protected by dozens of different patents around the world. Most importantly, you’ll learn how these companies that own actionable patents create the opportunity for maximum profits as this market starts commercialization.

Because these ZPE companies hold the key technology in these devices, they are already positioning themselves to deliver maximum profits to investors before the world no longer depends on the electrical grids.

It’s a revolution that some see as an authentic awakening of humanity’s chance to release our world from the old confines (not combined) of governmental control and the superwealthy. A revolution that no longer needs centralized currency in fiats or energy currency. A free world unattached from centralized dependency.

Yes, nontoxic Energy that’s on-demand 24/7 never runs out, at virtual pennies on the dollar.

That’s why we foresee this market surging in the next few years into a potential $100 trillion industry over the next decade before the money is no part of the energy equation. Let me repeat that. I am expecting Zero Point Energy to help replace all energy dependency in the coming decade.

ZPE companies hold the KEY technology in these devices and are already positioning themselves to deliver maximum profits to investors as this potential trillion-dollar revolution becomes fully commercialized.

Land, is being bought up everywhere. A literal land grab is going on by big companies and countries. We see it everywhere: Bill Gates – second largest in the U.S. land Holding; China in East Africa; Russia with Northeast Africa and a battle over the Arctic. It’s a Monopoly, and the world is the playing board anticipating the currency of Energy will take their money back into the pockets of the people.

ZPE is not happening ten years from now, or five years or even one year. Announcements are released, and ZPE LAB-ready energy will power almost everything from homes and cars to water heaters. It’s all happening now due to the technology/formula inside these devices.

Now, get this. This Energy we’re talking about is what the world has been yearning for since the beginning of the industrial revolution; its potential is even bigger. No current technologies will be able to compete with it but perhaps combine with it.

In other words, it has the potential to mint more new millionaires in a short period than any energy device in history! The window to get in, when so few haven’t even heard of the latest breakthrough, is here.

These companies are projecting to commercialize in the coming year, and one is already taking orders to start production this year.

Imagine one company LED product last 11 years with 100,000 hours of savings. Or a water heater in your home will be powered by Zero Point Energy Boiler (“ZPE”), bringing the cost down to just pennies on the dollar. It’s not a prediction – it’s starting now.

Homes could begin to power all these devices, and home appliances all the next few years. Endless Energy is an on-demand technology, without the need for fossil fuels. From there? EVERY single American home in the world can start enjoying Energy without Grid dependency.

We’re talking about global mass adoption.

In simple terms, it will change everything about how we get heat in our homes or light in our cities and all our energy needs. We’re moving full speed ahead into the new era of Energy, thanks to one revolutionary technology that has been developing for 30 years that is now ready for the world to have.

I’m not here to hype you up. Or to tell you, “You have to get in now.” These are facts based on this revolutionary technology proving its formula over and over. We’ve all heard of it. It’s been in many movies, and like all technology, it takes years, if not decades, to come to fruition. It’s time for humanity to use Energy to care for each other instead of ornamenting our lives in the hierarchy of social status.

It will unleash what the World Economic Forum hopefully finds as the answer for all energy needs.

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“The Energy Revolution is here.”

So now, I’ll cut to the chase. Many physicists have described this formula (ZPE) in many ways and without harmful radiation.  Lights, water heaters, and electric vehicles are just some of the countless applications for this technology in the lab proven.

Fleischmann and Pons, the memorial website, calls it “Zero Point Energy”

Thomas Edison asked bankers to come and see his breakthrough filament displayed a hundred years ago on a piece of property. Now Andrea Rossi, on December 6th, is going to display a hundred lights in a room with this world-changing breakthrough. The world will not be the same after—one hundred lights in a room display the commercial breakthrough of Zero Point Energy’s world-changing event.

Nasa, who calls the phenomenon a Lattice Confinement Fusion is also working to unlock the KEY of Zero Point Energy by taking simple elements and combining them. All are working to take the world by universal truth of clean “NEW FIRE” energy abundantly available.

A pace that can dwarf the growth of the last 100 years in Energy will proliferate practically overnight. A catalyst can make it so inexpensive that the only logical choice will be to power everything with 100% clean energy with this new technology – Energy freely available that can be released from the fabric of space. The one thing that is holding back this technology’s full force from reaching its true potential faster is funding.

But it’s all about to change.

The first releases of ZPE are already announcing dates for commercialization.

NFC can name many of these companies in the final stage of the lab to production, but understanding physics in the ZPE space is where we need superior advisors in the field of ZPE. Together with our highly qualified physicists in the Energy field. Our professionals are working on getting your investments into the first qualified companies about to license and launch their products.

Low Hanging Fruit

Some examples of low-hanging fruit that will benefit in the coming years from this breakthrough technology are:

1.) Zero Point Energy lights will no longer need the electrical grid to stay on, and here I one example.

2.) Water heaters will no longer carry such a significant energy expense around the world, and as such price will be affordable for everyone.

3.) Generators no longer need filling of fuels to operate.

Speaker on Zero Point Energy

Mats Lewan:

Is an author, engineer in physics, international keynote speaker, futurist, consultant, journalist, and research analyst focused on the future and technology. For more than 15 years, he worked as a technology reporter for the leading Swedish technology magazine N.Y. Teknik. He was speaking about the phenomenon Low Energy Particle Reaction (“LEPR”). Here is a video from Mats Lewan on Low Energy Particle Reaction, May 28th, 2021,

And a most recent event on this technology:

Emerging Technology

The second market is emerging technology 6 G, Internet, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and blockchain interoperability). Lights of all things electric on a larger scale will be affected. Everyone is talking about these new technologies and will all need power from ZPE or, as defined, set the world free just in a few years.

One study expects the industry will need 3,000 terawatts every year by 2025. That’ll be here before we know it. What does that much power look like? That’s enough power to keep the lights on in the world for 3 trillion homes for 1 hour!

ALL these emerging technologies need ZPE.

Just consider all those current fossil fuels resulting in a toxic carbon footprint on our planet disappearing within a decade. Many people thought solar, and wind energy were pipe-dreams. And for a good reason. The sun doesn’t shine all day. The wind doesn’t always blow. We see the landscape changing in front of us. Hydroelectric dams droughted with no water, and Europe projecting the lack of wind affected by global warming will increase energy costs by 20% predicted in September 2021.

Energy Waste

For instance, in one year, China wasted enough clean Energy to power all of Beijing, but that waste won’t matter because the waste will not be in the vocabulary of Zero Point Energy. Last year so far, California had lost 774,000 megawatt-hours of clean power. That’s enough to provide power to 129,000 homes for nine months.

And it’s the same everywhere – solar Energy and wind energy. Our power needs just don’t match what either wind or solar delivers. So, we could build all the solar panels and wind farms we want. Still, with clean ZPE technology providing Energy for use on-demand, these concerns about waste and ineffectiveness disappear. Solar and wind, as great as they are, will never grow beyond just a niche market.

And it’s due to this historic innovation described in so many ways of ZPE, Lattice Confinement Fusion NASA, etc.

I can’t exaggerate how monumental a shift like this will be, based on so many Physicists’ efforts in the last 30 years.

Imagine a world where we can turn on clean Energy with a flip of the switch. Yes, Brillioun Energy, another ZPE company, has a patented control of the water heater with ZPE.

No more excessive electric bills.

No more power outages.

The freedom to use all the power you need. Freedom from dependency.

It can potentially take solar, wind, geothermal, and other kinds of power and write them off as completed in their gallant efforts to help the world. At the same time, the ZPE funds unleash Universal Energy for everyone’s home, community, and industries. That is a potential 100,000% market surge within the next few years as the so-called “cat is not out of the bag” but now is leaping from it.

But how much money could this make you exactly?

If history is any indication, we could be in store for earth-shattering riches, with so many applications unleashed. The burden placed on us by our government and big Corporate control over our lives is about to change.

ALL of these technologies need it (New Fire).


Within this white shadow is a  dimension we have yet to understand called the Fire that lights up a room with the warmth of confidence that bares no visible harm to life (radiation). 

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