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IEEE Spectrum: NASA’s New Shortcut to Fusion Power
February 27, 2022

PHYSICISTS FIRST SUSPECTED more than a century ago that the fusing of hydrogen into helium powers the sun. It took researchers many years to unravel the secrets by which lighter elements are smashed together into heavier ones inside stars, releasing energy in the process. And scientists and engineers have continued to study the sun’s fusion processing hopes of one day using nuclear fusion to generate heat or electricity. But the prospect of meeting our energy needs this way remains elusive.

US Company could begin Licensing LENR Boiler Technology within a Year
July 4,2022 boiler-technology-within-a year.html?fbclid=IwAR33bhbQa__BX3ig21B0cnRftnvw2s9oGz9ulPBc2d3fCwVS4pw8zjbI4 XE

Brillouin Energy Corporation, a US company, could start licensing its low-energy nuclear reaction boiler technology to manufacturers within one year. That was one of several revelations Brillouin’s “dynamic duo” of Robert Godes and Robert George made on James Martinez’s Cash Flow Radio show on March 27. From what Godes and George told Martinez they have or almost have a marketable cold fusion boiler technology. Brillouin’s president and chief technology officer Robert Godes is an electrical engineer has been working on LENR for about twenty years. Martinez said he has been aware of Brillouin’s work for some time but was asked to keep it under wraps by George and his partners. Godes and George are now ready to go public because the LENR technology is almost ready for commercialization. He and God are apparently confident that they have a working boiler.

GOING GREEN QUICK: International conference features new fusion technology to fix climate change NOW
July 7,2022

On the heels of billion-dollar investing in a hot fusion future, a cold fusion shortcut has emerged, according to scientists and developers. The latest world-changing energy information will go public at ICCF-24 Solid-State Energy Summit, which is the 24th International Conference on Cold Fusion. The event will take place July 25–28, 2022, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Also known as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), cold fusion is getting a renewed look by scientists around the world.

Nuclear power is booming again.
August 17, 2022

With energy prices on the rise, along with demands for energy independence and an urgent need for carbon-free power, plans to walk away from nuclear energy are now being revised in Japan, South Korea, and even Germany. The frontrunners in the trillion-dollar race for limitless fusion power Nuclear, believe it or not, is booming again. And with a serious pile of private and public funding behind them, these companies say they’re even getting closer to fusion.

Nuclear fusion is doing the impossible-uniting politicians!
August 24, 2022 W3A

Nuclear fusion could be within America’s grasp by the end of the next decade, with investment and interest in the energy source from both Biden and the former Trump administration. Fusion scientists have told Newsweek that it now offers huge appeal across the political spectrum, adding impetus to solving the many problems that face this near-limitless, clean source of power. In April, the White House said the Biden-Harris was developing a strategy to push fusion energy forward, including $50 million to advance research in the area.

Q&A With George Egeley on Electricity Production with LENR
September 6, 2022

The following is a list of questions that were submitted by an ECW to George Egely, following his ICCF24 presentation on direct electricity production in LENR. George kindly answered the questions submitted and included a photo of voltage data.

U.S. Department of Energy Announces Up to $10 Million to Study Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions
September 13, 2022

ARPA-E Will Apply Scientific and Rigorous Approach to New Exploratory Topic Focused on Specific Type of Nuclear Energy. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced up to $10 million in funding to establish clear practices to determine whether low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) could be the basis for a potentially transformative carbon-free energy source. The funding is part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) LENR Exploratory Topic,
which aims to break the stalemate of research in this space.

Andrea Rossi has radically redesigned the technology
21 Sep 2022

Andrea Rossi’s Ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device indicate that the inventor has radically redesigned the technology. The same pictures and data could also make it easier for others to replicate Rossi’s results.

Livestream of the Ecat
September 30, 2022

The breakthrough is here and live! The Light that Saves More Energy then expected. On September 30, 2022 Leonardo Corporation published on its YouTube channel a livestream showing an LED light being powered by an Ecat MiniSKLep. The intention is to have this stream run for at least 9000 hours, which is over 1 year. Beyond that, Leonardo Corp says they would like to have it run for the expected lifespan of an Ecat MiniSKLep, which is calculated to be 100,000 hours. The interesting thing about this demonstration is that it is powering an LED light, which Leonardo CEO Andrea Rossi says is rated at 5 watts. At the same time, the consumption of the Ecat MiniSKLep, which is providing power to the light, is close to zero Watts. The power supply display shows that there are 10 volts being produced by the power supply, but fewer than 0.00 amps of current are being used.

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A few companies are getting ready to commercialize a cutting-edge technology, advancing a field of science that has been in the background for decades. A breakthrough that is poised to make these companies the most influential in our world. Creating a new energy industry generating revenue in the trillions.

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