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Mr. Sam Massaquoi is a happily married father and consummate family man. He has balanced and channeled most of his time and energy with his lovely kids, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and deep passion for the ever-changing spectrum of bleeding-edge technologies. Moreover, he is one of the most sought-after talents and a highly proficient advisor/consultant in the Software and IT industry. Spanning over two decades, with vast expertise within field of Cloud and Big Data engineering, A.I/Machine Learning and the Blockchain/Web 3.0. Mr. Massaquoi wears many hats and holds quite a few distinctions.

Accordingly, he is an inductee of the highly prestigious National Who’s Who Registry, Biltmore’s Who’s Who Business Executives in America, and  a 2x Ronald McNair Research National Scholar. Furthermore, having served in the capacity of Technical Lead (Software Engineer), Technical Operations Manager, Solutions Architect, he has facilitated highly successful build releases and launches for such iconic global brands and considerable fortune 100-500 organizations. These include American Express, Jet Blue, ADP, Getty Images, Starwood, Citi Private Bank, Google Zagat, A&E Television Network, Transamerica (DIA), and Pearson Longman. In his current capacity, he serves as  Sr. Vice President and Operations Lead at the largest Investment Bank in the United States, where he continues to blaze his trails in Platform & Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning space. Mr. Massaquoi has already left an indelible mark with distinction as a core member of the team that released the first Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning application for the Firm.

Lastly, philanthropy and not-for-profit foundation work in helping the less fortunate with capacity building has been the impetus and paramount driving force behind gestures of magnanimity and humanitarianism. Currently, a passion he shares with his beautiful wife, Clara (Clara Kalala Foundation).

Sam Massaquoi

Mr. Michael Alvarez is an experienced professional with a focus on project finance syndication for startups since 2009. He is currently serving as a domestic sales manager and capital consultant for Dellepere Enterprises, and is instrumental in the company’s endeavors involving patents for green technology boats designed for cleaning oceans, lakes, and rivers at the lowest possible cost. Dellepere Enterprises has plans for a future IPO. In addition to his role at DE, Michael is the managing member of Capital Funding Realty, specializing in securing investor financing through real estate. He is an active investor in a variety of blockchain infrastructures delivering financial services: secure macro information management & delivery systems for banks; algorithm trading for investors; global financial currencies transfers; and BASIL 1b commodity backed stable coins creation.

Michael’s service career includes a two-year stint working under the CEO of Global Sun, Wind and Power, and four years with the CFO of Halydean (now AlterAg), a wholesale milk conglomerate poised for an IPO this year. His professional network comprises investment bankers, angel investors, C-level board members, and high-net-worth individuals.

Michael Alvarez

Gaj is a Solutions Architect/Engineering Lead professional with 20+ years of experience in the design & development of enterprise applications across Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, IoT, Aviation, and Digital Advertising domains.  Gaj has been uniquely gifted with the art of dealing with the unknown and entrepreneurial and growth hacking skills. As a consultant, Gaj has worked with several strategic and engineering leaders in the industry to deliver next-generation solution architecture on cloud, data platform development, and integration, building AI/ML-based data-driven decision-making capabilities, transform manual operational challenges into digital solutions to save cost, faster time to market, and more importantly to be compliant with security and regulatory requirements for several fortune 50 clients including Abbott Labs, USAA, Google, Boeing, Western Union, Symantec, and Apple etc. Currently he has engaged in technical consulting & solution engineering of Distributed Ledger Technologies and Application Design with several breakthroughs in Digital Transformations using AI/ML, Blockchain as A Service, and Microservices based application design and development activities.

Gaj Subudhi

Mr. George Miller began his business career in 1995 in the realm of real estate. He quickly made his way to the top, soon becoming an international public speaker showing others how to succeed in starting from nothing and creating a life of dreams. With George’s new insights through speaking, global interactions, and successes, his attention finally came off himself, and he gradually inquired what he might be able to do for the world in his lifetime. He created weekend training courses like “Wealth Masters Live,” where followers with similar interests in philanthropy could hear successful entrepreneurs share how they built their empires to choose a business model to fund their philanthropic goals and in so causing sustainability. These were amazing courses that lead George to “private banking” through interactions with peers and his banker at the time, who worked with Bank of America/US Trust. He had made thousands of relationships with family offices, prime ministers, financial leaders, UN delegates, high net-worth families, and numerous well-vetted global projects in his travels.  George had found his passion again in creating an investment bank utilizing the most current blockchain technologies to utilize the thousands of relationships he had created to make a global difference

George Miller

Mrs. Maria Lozovaia is a service-oriented administrator with a 15-year background in business environments. Core competencies include office management and client relationships, as well as excellent communication and time-management skills. She handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency and is responsible, professional, and motivated with a drive for excellence. Multilingual in 4 languages and translator in high-profile transactions internationally.

Maria Lozovaia

Mr. Steve Previch is a highly accomplished senior executive with 20 years of experience in the financial securities industry. He is equipped with broad-based experience in directing operations for international corporations multi-million-dollar enterprises. He is well versed in all aspects of strategic planning, coupled with an outstanding ability to maximize the performance of operations with an emphasis on strategy formulation and profitability improvement. An empowering manager, he is known for utilizing interactive, motivational, and decisive management styles in developing highly motivated service teams to support business objectives.

Steve Previch


Mr. Peter Fiekowsky is an MIT-educated physicist with 27 patents, a serial entrepreneur, activist, and social innovator. He founded Silicon Valley software company Automated Visual Inspection in 1984. He founded the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) and predecessor groups, the Methane Action Group and Methane Oxidation Corporation. He wrote the F4CR climate restoration and Healthy Sustainable Population white papers, which form the blueprint for keeping our planet hospitable for humanity to flourish. Peter focuses on results in the physical world, not just knowledge. He helped found a renewable energy financing company. Over the last 8 years, he has worked closely with the entrepreneurial and academic leaders bringing into operation the viable, scalable, and permanent solutions that constitute the Climate Restoration path.

Peter Fiekowsky



Within this white shadow is a  dimension we have yet to understand called  LENR/ZPE (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) that lights up a room with the warmth of confidence that bares no visible harm to life (radiation). 

White Shadow