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Our goals are to enable and promote new energy technologies and synergy identification in the LENR field.

New technologies are forging ahead at an accelerating pace, and disruptive progress in the energy space will be world-changing, uniting scientific communities, economic revisions, and overcoming political stonewalling. The change in our lives will see the world in a different place where the monetization of energy no longer dictates the status quo. Energy will be a lesser bartering chip for a better life. Humanity will again be the driving force of bettering our lives, and money will be of little influence.

Our strategy is to bridge the gap between a lab demonstrator, industry prototype to commercialization by funding companies using New Fire Energy as a funding source. Many companies are on the verge of commercialization related to new and clean energy. Our LENR strategy is dedicated to supporting these companies to make it happen as soon as possible.

Project Summary

NFC wants to change the reality of energy markets, and between big electricity providers and end consumers, we have the alternative answer ready. In conjunction with NFC Token, the companies aim to become some of the sizable alternative energy companies in a group of companies in the LENR space. NFC can help the world achieve much clean, inexpensive energy. With the help of smart contracts that will fund the companies ready to commercialize excessive energy with its multi-variant of phenomenon’s ever-increasing validation to freeing the world of energy constriction. Once publicly available and will people no longer depend on fixed providers – they will have solid proof of freedom from releasing our electrical grid’s economic dependence.

New Fire Energy

A few companies are getting ready to commercialize a cutting-edge technology, advancing a field of science that has been in the background for decades. A breakthrough that is poised to make these companies the most influential in our world. Creating a new energy industry generating revenue in the trillions.

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